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Deportation Impact on Family – Immigration lawyer wonders: Did I push too hard?

I am choking back tears.  As I listen to the Mother of three U.S. Citizen children share with me the hell she and her children live through daily,  as they prepare for the day an immigration judge will decide if their ‘papa” is going to be deported to Mexico.  I am struggling to choke back tears.  I need her to get in touch with the reality that their 4 year old daughter, their 9 year old daughter, and their 15 year old son, may end up living  here in poverty without their dad; without his love and gentleness and kindness.  I need her to face the alternative if that the Judge deports her loving husband, the whole family will return to Mexico, to live in one of the poorest neighborhoods in their town,  without a place to live, without a job, money, or hope.

She needs to bare her soul, to tell her story, so that an Immigration Judge can feel her pain, can feel the extraordinary hardship the children and this mother feel.  I wonder if I pushed too hard.

When the mom tells me that she is dry inside, that she wants to end it all, but knows she cannot because of the children, I wonder if I pushed too hard.   When she tells me that she is afraid that one of her little babies could be kidnapped for ransom because the gang and drug cartels in Mexico believe that they have money if they lived in the U.S.  I think I am about to burst.  When I think how much I hurt inside, when my children hurt, I can barely contain myself as I continue to listen to her share her pain.

Mom has gotten in touch with those feelings and is crying.  I began to wonder if I pushed too hard … I am concerned that perhaps I just opened her up, broke down that wall that kept her from crying, that after she opens up with her gut-wrenching story, she is left open and vulnerable, with nothing to soothe her than the raw emotions.  She has diabetes and I worry about how the stress and emotions will impact her health.

When she tells me that her 4 year old goes out every day to take of the horses with her daddy, with boots that look just like his, though two sizes too big ….  I feel the water behind mine eyes …  and I wonder if pushed too hard.  And then I wonder, why do little innocent children have to suffer so much … their daddy is a hard working gentle soul .. he earns about $400/week, working 6 to 7 days a week … and he gets free housing.  He has been here over 15 years.

The mother leaves … she is drained and exhausted. I see the pain in her eyes ….  And I wonder , concerned now about her emotional well-being… wondering if pushed too hard.

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