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Everyone has rights!!!

Everyone has rights!!! Immigrants have rights!! Undocumented immigrants have rights. See the Know Your Rights card below.

In addition, there are some safe zones where Immigration and Customs (“ICE”) are not to conduct enforcement actions. These include

1) Schools, such as known and licensed daycares, pre-schools and other early learning programs; primary schools; secondary schools; post-secondary schools up to and including colleges and universities; as well as scholastic or education-related activities or events, and school bus stops that are marked and/or known to the officer, during periods when school children are present at the stop;

2) Medical treatment and health care facilities, such as hospitals, doctors’ offices, accredited health clinics, and emergent or urgent care facilities;

3) Places of worship, such as churches, synagogues, mosques, and temples;

4) Religious or civil ceremonies or observances, such as funerals and weddings; and

5) During public demonstration, such as a march, rally, or parade.

If they do, you may contact the ICE Detention Reporting and Information Line at (888)351-4024 or through the ERO information email address at, The Civil Liberties Division of the ICE Office of Diversity and Civil Rights may be contacted at (202) 732-0092 or

For more information go to:…/community-educatio…/know-your-rights/ or our Facebook page. 

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