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Immigrant children fleeing their homes in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala

“Virtual cities of children are picking up and fleeing El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala—some of the most dangerous places in this hemisphere. In Washington, the story has stoked the longstanding debate over border policy. But U.S. immigration policy is just a small part of this story. Yes, the U.S. immigration system is now bottlenecked with the influx, prompting emergency response from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. But changing U.S. border policy won’t stem the root of the exodus”.

Contrary to what some might say, these kids are not coming here because they want a free ride and they want to take advantage of our immigration laws.  On the contrary. This is a humanitarian crisis.  There is a growing number of people who are literally fleeing for their lives.

Why kids?    The kids are vulnerable because they are children. And they are being targeted.

We liken the situation very much to the situation of the recruitment of child soldiers on other continents. Children are particularly vulnerable, they are susceptible to harm, they are easily terrorized, and the very fact that they are children is the single factor in the harm that they are experiencing. They are specifically being target to be recruited. They are the ones who are being bullied.

Are the children coming north on rumors that the United States will let them in, that the Obama administration has lax policies toward minors?  The children are being asked the reasons why they left and what they expected.    Out of 404 kids interviewed, only 9 mentioned any kind of possibility of the U.S treating kids well, from the perspective of a child.  These children are also escaping to Mexico.

To find out why they are coming, what the situation is like for these kids, and what can be done, please follow this link.

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