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The Voice of the Undocumented Parent

“The Voice of the Undocumented Parent”  as shared at the Immigration Forum, in Warrenton, Virginia on April 28, 2015. The voices of the undocumented immigrants are frequently not heard and they often feel marginalized.  We wanted to give them a voice.  Here is the first Voice  that was heard at The Barn, in Warrenton, Virginia at the Lord Fairfax Community College.


I am the voice of the undocumented parent who made the tough decision to come to the U.S. with my family because I could no longer feed them.  There were no jobs in my small town. There were drug cartels forcing kids to sell drugs.  There was a lot of violence.  I heard there were employers who needed workers in the U.S.   I didn’t know if there was a way to get a visa or not, but I knew if I could just get here …. If I could just get here, there would be a way, no matter what.

You cannot imagine what a tough decision it was and how scary it was to pack up the family and to come to a country I didn’t know, where they spoke a language I could not speak.   But I had a dream of a better life for my children and that if we worked hard enough, no matter what, maybe my children could live a better life.

I am so very grateful to be here.There are so many good people here.  Yet it has not been easy. I know my children lose sleep and worry that I might get deported.  They are afraid of the police.  They are afraid that our family may be separated.  They hear stories.  I have two other children who were born in the U.S.  I would do anything to get a work permit, to be able to drive a car legally, get car insurance and have legal status. I don’t know how to do it …. And so I continue to work hard, live in the shadows, stay out of trouble, and live with the hope that some day, I can be a full member of this country that I love and want to serve.


Miguel and Alicia Cortes

Miguel and Alicia Cortes, from immigrant to entrepreneur


Donusia Lipinski, Mistress of Ceremonies

Donusia Lipinski, Mistress of Ceremonies

Fauquier Times

"This is the American Dream"

“This is the American Dream” The Fauquier Times









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