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Why Don’t Undocummented Immigrants Just Get In Line? The Real Story of Getting a “Green Card”.

People don’t just get in-line because there is no legal line for a vast majority of undocumented immigrants .  Why? Because we are living with a law that was passed in 1952 with too many amendments and numeous patchwork attempts to fix and mend that which is broken.

 Many Americans wonder why all immigrants do not just come to the United States legally or simply “get in line” to gain residence (a “green card”) if they are undocumented. Yet few people understand how grossly out-of-date the U.S. immigration system is and how unable it is to keep up with the demands of a growing and changing U.S. economy and to reflect the needs and values of our diverse nation. Lawmakers have failed for nearly 20 years to update our immigration laws or address the limited opportunities for securing legal immigration status. Today’s overly restrictive legal limits on green cards mean that virtually all undocumented immigrants have no avenues for legal entry to the United States   …

 Only certain categories of persons allowed to “come legally”

Getting a green card is generally limited to four different routes: employment, certain family ties, refugee or asylee processing, and the diversity lottery. Each of these groups includes specific paths, which in turn are subject to specific limitations (e.g., number of visas available and eligibility requirements) and obstacles (e.g., limits by country). Some of the supposedly available routes are in fact unfeasible.

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